Skylanders Swap Force Coming Fall 2013

I am beyond excited.  It was just announced that the next video game in the Skylanders series, SWAP FORCE, will come out in Fall 2013.  Skylanders Swap Force introduces swappable action figures – looks totally cool.  Check out this video of the Skylanders Swap Force launch party from Toy Fair 2013 -

Skylanders Swap Force Will Introduce Jumping

Swappable Skylanders is incredible, but I am also excited about the ability to jump.  In this article on Skylanders Swap Force they mention that all Skylanders, new and old, will be able to Jump in Swap Force.  I can’t tell you how long I have waited for this feature.  It might have been all the emails that I sent Activision that got them to introduce the ability to jump in Swap Force.

I really think the ability to swap tops and bottoms will make Skylanders much more fun.  With just 16 Swappable figures you will be able to create over 250 different characters based on how you mix and match.

The only downside to Skylanders Swap Force, now I need to wait until Fall 2013 before it comes out!

Check back here in a few weeks, I am looking to find more links to Skylanders Swap Force videos.  If you know of anything, let me know.


Toy Reviews for 2013, A Look Forward At What is To Come

Well, Christmas 2012 just passed, but already the kids are talking about new toys that they want.  This is crazy, don’t us parents get a break?  Well, I had some time after the holidays, so I went to my friend Google to find a few good sites that do toy reviews and toy previews.

The Best Sites for Honest Toy Reviews

There is no shortage of sites that do toy reviews, but after spending some time on the big review sites, I was less than impressed.  Most of the reviews were written by people who had never played with the toys.  That is flat out crazy in my book.

Luckily, I did find a few winners when it comes to honest toy reviews.  My favorite is DadDoes.Com – their coverage of toy reviews is the best I have found.  The reviews are honest and very informative.  They play with every single toy that they review.

The Best Video Toy Reviews…

If you are more into watching toy reviews than reading toy reviews, you absolutely need to check out this YouTube Toy Reviews Channel.  Excellent look at all the top toys of 2012 and 2013.  To give you a quick taste, here is one of their toy review videos -

Enjoy Playing!



New Review of Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster, 5/30/2012

I love shooting toys.  I am not sure why, but there is something that just feels right about pulling the trigger and watching a foam dart fly out of my gun.  Well, recently I started to look at what was out there beyond Nerf and the other dart guns.  It turns out there is a whole world of gel ball based blasters.  The gel ball blasters are very different than Nerf Darts because they are one time use and outdoors only.  I read about the Vapor line from Razor and here is what I have found so far…

Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster is Fun

I found lots of sites talking about the demo of the Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster at Toy Fair 2012, but only one site has done an actual hands-on review of the Razor Vapor Delta 500.  DadDoes.Com – a site that does product reviews, got their hands on the Delta 500 and created a great video review -

I have to say the Vapor Delta 500 looks like a ton of fun and I will need to get one and try it out.  Don’t love how the ammo cost $5.99 for 500, but I guess 500 bullets should last a while.  I will report back once I have had a few was with the Vapor Delta 500.

TOSY Toop Motorized Spinning Tops Battle Beyblades

Tosy Toop

It turns out that Beyblades are not the only top in town when it comes to spinning top toys.  New from Toy Fair 2012 is the TOSY Toop – Motorized Spinning Top.  What makes the TOOP so special is that fact that it can spin for hours!  In fact the Toop set a world record for longest spinning top.

The Toop Tops Are All About Power and Lights

To appreciate the TOSY Toops, you really need to see them in action.  Here is a great video review of TOSY Toops from DadDoes.Com .  Check out how the tops keep spinning, even when they get bumped.  This is a very different type of game than with Beyblades.

In the review, there was one big negative to the TOSY Toops – they use 4 triple A batteries.  In addition, the top will only run for 2 hours on one set of batteries.  It would seem like a very wise idea to use rechargeable batteries with the TOSY Toop Motorized Spinning tops.

I think I will try a battle TOSY Toop vs. Beyblades – I wonder who will win :)


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Recon Rover Toy Robot Review. How Well Does the SmartLab Toys Rover Work?

Recon Rover by SmartLab Toys

Recently the Recon Rover Toy Robot was reviewed by DadDoes.Com . For those who are not familiar with the Recon Rover, it is a programmable toy robot rover that is made by SmartLab toys.  No computer is required, you simply enter commands, one line at a time, directly on the Rover.  You use things like – move forward 2 feet, turn 90 degrees, play a sound, return to home.

The Recon Rover was shown at Toy Fair 2012 and it is now starting to appear in YouTube videos and hands-on reviews.  Here is a video review of the Recon Rover Toy Robot that is popular on YouTube.

The Big Question, Is the Recon Rover Worth $70?

At $70, the Recon Rover is a fairly expensive toy.  After reading the full review of the Recon Rover over at DadDoes.Com, it does look like it is money well spent.  The Rover is very fun to play with and it is also teaching kids math, problem solving, programming and mapping skills.

Stay tuned for additional toy reviews and information from Toy Fair 2012.



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Puffle Toys From Club Penguin Invade the Real World

If you have kids, you probably know all about Club Penguin.  Club Penguin is the most popular virtual world for kids.  The basic idea is you are a Penguin and can play games with other penguins.  In addition, you can buy things for your Igloo and also adopt a pet.  The pets in Club Penguin are called Puffles.  Puffle pets are very popular in the online world and now they are invading the offline world.

Jakks Pacific Brings Puffle Pet Plush Toys To The Real World

New for 2012 are Puffle Toys by Jakks Pacific.
The Puffle toys come in all shapes and sizes.  Each Puffle toy comes with a code to unlock a Puffle in the virtual world of Club Penguin.  Here is a video review of the Puffle Toys from Jakks Pacific.

Some parents are not a huge fan of virtual worlds like Club Penguin, but if your kids do play Club Penguin, they are going to like the Puffle Plush toys from Jakks Pacific.


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