Just Learned About Rhodiola Rosea – Wow!

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that grows naturally in the Siberian Mountains. It is a small green plant with bright golden flowers. Throughout history, the root of this plant has been used for its medicinal properties. Rhodiola rosea is considered an adaptogen herb due to its ability to normalize anything within the body that isn’t functioning optimally. Adaptogen herbs also boost overall health and wellness while causing little to no side effects or drug interactions.

You Want Energy?  Try Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is especially prized due to its ability to increase energy and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Rhodiola works to calm the stress response system and decrease the amount of the stress hormone called cortisol. Stress, and its associated hormones, can be damaging to both physical and mental health. By calming the stress response system, rhodiola rosea promotes overall health and wellness.

As previously stated, not only does rhodiola decrease stress, it actually increases energy levels without making people feel anxious or jittery. Rhodiola rosea elevates energy naturally as the plant does not contain any caffeine of stimulants. Adaptogen herbs work to normalize the body, so if energy levels are low, rhodiola rosea can fix the problem naturally. For all these reasons, rhodiola rosea root is perfect for busy parents, students, athletes, or anyone looking for less stress and more energy.

Take a look at this video -

In order for rhodiola rosea supplements to be effective, they must contain pure rhodiola rosea root, as only the root offers medicinal benefits. The best rhodiola rosea will be wild harvested from the mountains of Siberia and sold in supplement form without any chemical or synthetic ingredients. A rhodiola rosea supplement should never contain fillers, flow agents, stimulants, artificial colors, flavors, or any synthetic nutrients. Please remember to only buy supplements from companies that you know and in trust in order to receive optimal health benefits and minimal side effects.

The Best Protein Powder Comes From Rice, Hemp and Mushrooms?

Regular readers of the site know that we are big believers in protein.  If you want to stay healthy, you really need to have a decent source of protein in your body.  As you can only eat only so many eggs, meat and chicken – many people will turn to protein powders to supplement their intake of protein.

The Best Protein Powder is Not Made From Whey Or Soy Protein

Once most people think of protein powders or protein supplements, they immediately think of whey protein.  People with lactose issues or vegetarians might think of soy protein.  Interestingly, it turns out that the best protein powder is not made with whey or soy – rather it is made with Hemp Protein, Rice Protein and Mushrooms.

Perfect Plant Protein is, Well, Perfect

We recently discovered the Perfect Plant Protein product and we are impressed.  This is a raw, vegetarian formula that contains no whey or soy protein.  Instead, the protein powder is made from Hemp Protein, Rice Protein and Mushrooms.  But, we have saved the most exciting news for last…The Perfect Plant Protein is 100% Organic.

Finally, A 100% Organic Plant Protein Powder

I have been looking for this for years – a vegetarian and 100% Organic protein powder that does not contain soy.  I think there are too many risks with soy, so I try to minimize it in my diet.  I highly recommend the Perfect Plant Protein – in addition to being super healthy, it also tastes great!


Green Coffee Beans: Roasted vs. Unroasted

Polyphenols are a family of plant compounds abundant in certain plants and food sources such as coffee and red wine. Raw unroasted coffee beans contain a type of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid. Unable to with stand the heat, chlorogenic acids are not present in roasted coffee beans or traditional coffee beverages.

Chlorogenic acid is believed to be responsible for Green Coffee Bean Extract’s weight loss and metabolism boosting properties, its anti aging benefits and its ability to alleviate hypertension.

Japanese scientist Hiroshi Shimoda explains that do to the heat; traditionally roasted coffee beans do not contain beneficial chlorogenic acids.

“Chlorogenic acid is stable and normal at room temperature, but it is unstable at high temperatures… Normally, coffee beans are roasted at a temperature of around 240 to 250° Celsius (464-482 degrees Fahrenheit). Roasting leads to decomposition of chlorogenic acid and forms brown aromatic Maillard reactants.”

In order to receive the health benefits that chlorogenic acid has to offer, one must consume raw unroasted coffee beans. Green coffee beans are extremely bitter, so consuming them as a whole food would prove to be unpleasant. The best way to obtain beneficial chlorogenic acids is through a whole food supplement, like one created with Green Coffee Bean Extract.



An Informative Video on Rhodiola Reviews

I have read about the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and knew I wanted to try it, but I did not know how to choose the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement. After a quick Google search, I stumbled across this informative Rhodiola Rosea video that helped answer many of my questions…

Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

The video explained that Rhodiola Rosea is used to maximize energy, fight the effects of stress and aging, sharpen memory and concentration, ease anxiety and depression, improve sexual and physical performance and block fat for lasting weight loss. Rhodiola Rosea may even help prevent heart disease and certain cancers.


More importantly, the video showed me what to look for when searching for the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement.


According to the video, the best Rhodiola supplements are made from 100% Rhodiola Rosea Root. Not all Rhodiola is the same and not all Rhodiola is safe and effective. Rhodiola Rosea is the type of Rhodiola associated with positive health benefits.

The Best Rhodiola Comes From Siberia

The best Rhodiola Rosea comes from the Siberian Mountains of Russia. Choose a supplement that lists Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Root as the active ingredient. There are certain properties within Rhodiola Rosea that provide the amazing health benefits. In order to get maximum benefits, choose a supplement with a 3:1 rosavin to salidrosides ratio. This chemical ratio in Rhodiola Rosea is found to be the most beneficial.


The video also explains that the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement should be freeze dried, versus heat or chemical processing. Freeze drying is the only processing method that allows Rhodiola Rosea to retain its nutrients.


Finally, the video explains that the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement should be all natural and contain absolutely no fillers, flow agents, caffeine or other artificial ingredients.


I will be ordering Perfect Rhodiola Rosea from Perfect Supplements because it is the product suggested by the video. According to the video, Perfect Rhodiola Rosea meets all of the requirements of what a Rhodiola supplement should contain to provide maximum benefits and minimal side effects.

Learn More About IGOB131 and African Mango – XFQW2

Welcome to our new research blog.  On this blog we will be looking at the benefits of various nutritional supplements in terms of health and weight loss.  Each week, we will focus on a new ingredient, today we are looking at African Mango (IGOB131) -

African Mango or IGOB131 – The Weight Loss Supplement for 2012

The African Mango is a new ingredient that has been shown to help with weight loss.  Here is a video showing what Dr Oz said about African Mango and IGOB131.  Basically, the African Mango works by controlling the leptin hormone.

We will soon follow up with full research and clinical studies on African Mango and IGOB131.  Watch for our follow up articles on diet, weight loss and exercise.

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