The Truth on Product Review Bloggers

I have often wondering if all those reviews you see on blogs are real.  If this story on product review blogs is to be believed, there are a number of problems with product review blogs.  It turns out there are bloggers who are writing full product reviews, without ever even trying the product they are reviewing

Do You Need a Product To Do a Product Review?

I know that question sounds insane – over course you need a product, if you want to do a product review…right???  Not so fast.  It turns out that numerous bloggers are writing product reviews based on the information they find on a press release.  These bloggers will write up a “full review” of toys, products and other gear – just by reading a press release.

How To Find The Real Product Reviews?

According to the story in Dad Does, the best way to find real product reviews is to look for photos and videos.  If a blogger has a video of their family playing with a toy or gadget, you at least know the blogger spent some time with the product.

You can also look for photos as proof that the blogger actually has the product they are reviewing.  The one catch with photos is that you want to see real world shots, not just photos that a blogger could pull off the website or press release.

Well, I have learned a lot and will be much more selective in which blogs I trust these days.  I found a Zlferyti’s List which has some good information on well.  Actually, what I might do is compile a list of honest product review blogs in the comments below!