I Am Loving My New Action Shot Digital Camera from Jakks Pacific

A quick post today, and a little off topic.  I have been having a blast with my new POV camera.  No, I did not go with the GoPRO – just couldn’t justify the price.  No, I went with something much cheaper – the Jakks Pacific Action Shot Camera.

What is the Action Shot Camera?

The Action Shot Camera is actually more of a system that just one product.  The most basic is the $49.95 camera I got.  No screen, but it does come with a helmet mount and another mount so you can put the Action Shot Camera on your bike…or really anything else.

The Action Shot is great for those POV shots.  I love doing live action third person shooters with Nerf Guns.  The other thing which is great with the Action Shot Camera is riding your bike and doing some jumps.  It is very easy to operate and the battery will go for about 2 hours.

What if You Want an LCD Screen?

My friend said he liked the Action Shot Camera, but the lack of LCD screen to review what he just recorded was a deal breaker.  Well, little did he know you can buy any LCD screen attachment for just $20.  Very cool, if you want the LCD – you can buy it, but for people like me who don’t need it, we save $20.

They also make a number of different attachments – waterproof, shockproof, etc.

If you want to see the Action Shot Camera in action, check out this video -


Puffle Toys From Club Penguin Invade the Real World

If you have kids, you probably know all about Club Penguin.  Club Penguin is the most popular virtual world for kids.  The basic idea is you are a Penguin and can play games with other penguins.  In addition, you can buy things for your Igloo and also adopt a pet.  The pets in Club Penguin are called Puffles.  Puffle pets are very popular in the online world and now they are invading the offline world.

Jakks Pacific Brings Puffle Pet Plush Toys To The Real World

New for 2012 are Puffle Toys by Jakks Pacific.
The Puffle toys come in all shapes and sizes.  Each Puffle toy comes with a code to unlock a Puffle in the virtual world of Club Penguin.  Here is a video review of the Puffle Toys from Jakks Pacific.

Some parents are not a huge fan of virtual worlds like Club Penguin, but if your kids do play Club Penguin, they are going to like the Puffle Plush toys from Jakks Pacific.


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Monsuno Toys Are the Hot Toys for 2012

Monsuno is a new animated TV show on Nick Toons.  While the cartoon just stated on 2/23/12, it has already developed a loyal following.  Now, to add to the Monsuno craze, Jakks Pacific has launched a full line of Monsuno Toys.

Here is a quick video review of the Monsuno toys.

Yes, Monsuno is Like Beyblades and Bakugan

Some will look at Monsuno and say it is just like Pokemon, Bakugan or Beyblades.  While there are similarities between the games, Monsuno is a different spinning battle game.  In the coming weeks we will have more information and a full review on the whole line of Monsuno Battling toys.