Protein Shakes For Kids – A Sneaky Way To Get Children To Eat More Protein

If it wasn’t for peanut butter, my kids might get no protein in their diet.  They are just not into meat, chicken, eggs – all foods that are high in protein.  Recently I decide to search Google to see if there was an easy way to get picky and fussy kids to eat more protein.

Protein Shakes for Kids?  Why Didn’t I think of This?

Kids of course love shakes.  Normally shakes are loaded with fruit, so they are high in sugar but not a good source of protein.  However, after doing some searching, I did find there are a number of Protein Shakes for Kids recipes.

One of the best places to look is YouTube.  On YouTube you can find tons of videos, some made by children, explaining how to make a protein shake that kids would love.  Take a look at this video -

How cute is that – kids making a protein shake and then licking their fingers.  That is a great indicator that the kids really like the taste of this protein shake.

Where Can You Find More Protein Shake Recipes?

We have been searching online and found a number of good resources for protein shake recipes.  Here is one of our favorites, it really gives a lot of information on each protein shake and easy to follow instructions.

I need to go and try the Pina Colada Green Smoothie – sounds great!