The Truth on Product Review Bloggers

I have often wondering if all those reviews you see on blogs are real.  If this story on product review blogs is to be believed, there are a number of problems with product review blogs.  It turns out there are bloggers who are writing full product reviews, without ever even trying the product they are reviewing

Do You Need a Product To Do a Product Review?

I know that question sounds insane – over course you need a product, if you want to do a product review…right???  Not so fast.  It turns out that numerous bloggers are writing product reviews based on the information they find on a press release.  These bloggers will write up a “full review” of toys, products and other gear – just by reading a press release.

How To Find The Real Product Reviews?

According to the story in Dad Does, the best way to find real product reviews is to look for photos and videos.  If a blogger has a video of their family playing with a toy or gadget, you at least know the blogger spent some time with the product.

You can also look for photos as proof that the blogger actually has the product they are reviewing.  The one catch with photos is that you want to see real world shots, not just photos that a blogger could pull off the website or press release.

Well, I have learned a lot and will be much more selective in which blogs I trust these days.  I found a Zlferyti’s List which has some good information on well.  Actually, what I might do is compile a list of honest product review blogs in the comments below!


Toy Reviews for 2013, A Look Forward At What is To Come

Well, Christmas 2012 just passed, but already the kids are talking about new toys that they want.  This is crazy, don’t us parents get a break?  Well, I had some time after the holidays, so I went to my friend Google to find a few good sites that do toy reviews and toy previews.

The Best Sites for Honest Toy Reviews

There is no shortage of sites that do toy reviews, but after spending some time on the big review sites, I was less than impressed.  Most of the reviews were written by people who had never played with the toys.  That is flat out crazy in my book.

Luckily, I did find a few winners when it comes to honest toy reviews.  My favorite is DadDoes.Com – their coverage of toy reviews is the best I have found.  The reviews are honest and very informative.  They play with every single toy that they review.

The Best Video Toy Reviews…

If you are more into watching toy reviews than reading toy reviews, you absolutely need to check out this YouTube Toy Reviews Channel.  Excellent look at all the top toys of 2012 and 2013.  To give you a quick taste, here is one of their toy review videos -

Enjoy Playing!



I Am Loving My New Action Shot Digital Camera from Jakks Pacific

A quick post today, and a little off topic.  I have been having a blast with my new POV camera.  No, I did not go with the GoPRO – just couldn’t justify the price.  No, I went with something much cheaper – the Jakks Pacific Action Shot Camera.

What is the Action Shot Camera?

The Action Shot Camera is actually more of a system that just one product.  The most basic is the $49.95 camera I got.  No screen, but it does come with a helmet mount and another mount so you can put the Action Shot Camera on your bike…or really anything else.

The Action Shot is great for those POV shots.  I love doing live action third person shooters with Nerf Guns.  The other thing which is great with the Action Shot Camera is riding your bike and doing some jumps.  It is very easy to operate and the battery will go for about 2 hours.

What if You Want an LCD Screen?

My friend said he liked the Action Shot Camera, but the lack of LCD screen to review what he just recorded was a deal breaker.  Well, little did he know you can buy any LCD screen attachment for just $20.  Very cool, if you want the LCD – you can buy it, but for people like me who don’t need it, we save $20.

They also make a number of different attachments – waterproof, shockproof, etc.

If you want to see the Action Shot Camera in action, check out this video -


The Truth on How Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

Dr. Joe Vinson, Ph. D, and the University of Scranton just recently carried out a research on the results of Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss. In this double blind, placebo controlled study, 16 obese grownups between the ages of 22 and 46 were randomly given varying doses of Green Coffee Bean Extract (700mg and 1050mg) and matching placebos over a 22 week duration.

At the end of the study, subjects lost an average of 17 pounds, which is approximately 10.5 % of their body weight and 16 % of their body fat. Dr. Vinson believes that it was chlorogenic acid, not caffeine, that triggered these fat burning outcomes.

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant discovered with Green coffee Bean extract. Chlorogenic acid could be the aspect accountable for Green Coffee Bean Extract’s astonishing weight loss results. This powerful antioxidant boosts metabolic process by altering the much sugar is absorbed in the body.

Chlorogenic acid hinders the release of sugar into the blood stream. The highest quantities of sugar are released after dinners and physical task. The body uses this sugar for energy. When the body does not discharge as much sugar, it is forced to burn fat cells for energy. This procedure is called thermogenesis.

This polyphenol antioxidant additionally helps hinder the absorption of dietary fat and the sturdy antioxidant results of chlorogenic acid could also lower the development of new fat cells. All of these factors help chlorogenic acid add to healthy and natural weight loss.

The one important point to bear in mind is that you have to have 100 % Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract to see any fat burning outcomes. If the supplement is not 100 % Pure Green Coffee Bean, you will certainly not see the outcomes that they showed in the study

Click Here to learn more about Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Beans: Roasted vs. Unroasted

Polyphenols are a family of plant compounds abundant in certain plants and food sources such as coffee and red wine. Raw unroasted coffee beans contain a type of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid. Unable to with stand the heat, chlorogenic acids are not present in roasted coffee beans or traditional coffee beverages.

Chlorogenic acid is believed to be responsible for Green Coffee Bean Extract’s weight loss and metabolism boosting properties, its anti aging benefits and its ability to alleviate hypertension.

Japanese scientist Hiroshi Shimoda explains that do to the heat; traditionally roasted coffee beans do not contain beneficial chlorogenic acids.

“Chlorogenic acid is stable and normal at room temperature, but it is unstable at high temperatures… Normally, coffee beans are roasted at a temperature of around 240 to 250° Celsius (464-482 degrees Fahrenheit). Roasting leads to decomposition of chlorogenic acid and forms brown aromatic Maillard reactants.”

In order to receive the health benefits that chlorogenic acid has to offer, one must consume raw unroasted coffee beans. Green coffee beans are extremely bitter, so consuming them as a whole food would prove to be unpleasant. The best way to obtain beneficial chlorogenic acids is through a whole food supplement, like one created with Green Coffee Bean Extract.



An Informative Video on Rhodiola Reviews

I have read about the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and knew I wanted to try it, but I did not know how to choose the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement. After a quick Google search, I stumbled across this informative Rhodiola Rosea video that helped answer many of my questions…

Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

The video explained that Rhodiola Rosea is used to maximize energy, fight the effects of stress and aging, sharpen memory and concentration, ease anxiety and depression, improve sexual and physical performance and block fat for lasting weight loss. Rhodiola Rosea may even help prevent heart disease and certain cancers.


More importantly, the video showed me what to look for when searching for the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement.


According to the video, the best Rhodiola supplements are made from 100% Rhodiola Rosea Root. Not all Rhodiola is the same and not all Rhodiola is safe and effective. Rhodiola Rosea is the type of Rhodiola associated with positive health benefits.

The Best Rhodiola Comes From Siberia

The best Rhodiola Rosea comes from the Siberian Mountains of Russia. Choose a supplement that lists Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Root as the active ingredient. There are certain properties within Rhodiola Rosea that provide the amazing health benefits. In order to get maximum benefits, choose a supplement with a 3:1 rosavin to salidrosides ratio. This chemical ratio in Rhodiola Rosea is found to be the most beneficial.


The video also explains that the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement should be freeze dried, versus heat or chemical processing. Freeze drying is the only processing method that allows Rhodiola Rosea to retain its nutrients.


Finally, the video explains that the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement should be all natural and contain absolutely no fillers, flow agents, caffeine or other artificial ingredients.


I will be ordering Perfect Rhodiola Rosea from Perfect Supplements because it is the product suggested by the video. According to the video, Perfect Rhodiola Rosea meets all of the requirements of what a Rhodiola supplement should contain to provide maximum benefits and minimal side effects.

New Review of Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster, 5/30/2012

I love shooting toys.  I am not sure why, but there is something that just feels right about pulling the trigger and watching a foam dart fly out of my gun.  Well, recently I started to look at what was out there beyond Nerf and the other dart guns.  It turns out there is a whole world of gel ball based blasters.  The gel ball blasters are very different than Nerf Darts because they are one time use and outdoors only.  I read about the Vapor line from Razor and here is what I have found so far…

Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster is Fun

I found lots of sites talking about the demo of the Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster at Toy Fair 2012, but only one site has done an actual hands-on review of the Razor Vapor Delta 500.  DadDoes.Com – a site that does product reviews, got their hands on the Delta 500 and created a great video review -

I have to say the Vapor Delta 500 looks like a ton of fun and I will need to get one and try it out.  Don’t love how the ammo cost $5.99 for 500, but I guess 500 bullets should last a while.  I will report back once I have had a few was with the Vapor Delta 500.

Fun and Playful Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide

Where did this tradition of giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day start?  Well, I am not sure how it started, but I do know it should end – RIGHT NOW!  Ties are boring.  I am a Dad and if I want a tie I will buy one for myself.  On Father’s Day I want something special and different – maybe something fun and impractical.

How to Get Dad The Best Father’s Day Gift

I spent a few hours looking for Father’s Day Gift Guides and for the most part I was not impressed.  All of the gifts are so boring and traditional.  I think Dads want to play and be impractical on Father’s Day.

Luckily I did some more searching and found the Dad Does Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.  Now this is a Father’s Day Gift Guide!  The gifts are all fun and even wacky.   Take a look at this video for the Man Crate that they recommend -

The gift guide is filled with fun and different gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day.  Spend some time reading over the Father’s Day gift guide, you will be very impressed.  And yes, I checked – it is tie free!


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Finally a Blog With Honest Product Reviews

For the better part of 2 weeks  I have been trying to find a blog or site that offers honest product reviews.  Finally, I think I have found the site – DadDoes.Com .  The site is filled with real world product reviews, and  I have to say it looks pretty good.

What Are Honest Product Reviews?

Most of the product review sites don’t do full product reviews.  Many of the sites just read a press release and never actually play with the product that they are reviewing.  What I loved about DadDoes.Com is that they actually try out every single product that they review.  In addition, they have video reviews for just about every product I could think of.  My advice is to favorite Dad Does and check it out the next time you are in the market for a new product.

I should add, the blog also has parenting related articles, in fact that is the spin of the whole site – everything from a parent’s point of view.


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