Collagen – My Most Effective Daily Supplement

Healthy Skin

Time to dive into the old question and answer bag today.  I get a ton of emails with readers asking about what supplements I take on a daily basis.  This is a really hard one to answer, as it really depends on how I am feeling and what I feel my body needs at that given moment.

The One Constant to My Routine – Collagen

Do you know what the second most abundant substance in your body is? Hint: It is responsible for basically holding your entire body together.  Hint:  It helps muscles grow, bones stay strong, and joints stay flexible.  Hint:  It is a protein found in the skin and bones of all animals.  Answer:  Collagen! 

Yep, Collagen is the one thing that I take every single day.  I try to get plenty of protein in my diet, but it is not always easy.  By taking a collagen supplement, I can be sure to get enough collagen each and every day.

Collagen levels start to decline after age 25 and your body knows it.  You start to notice stiffness and pain in your joints.  Your skin is a little looser, your hair is a little more brittle, and the bounce in your step is a little more of a shuffle.  So how do you prolong this unfortunate side effect of life?  Answer:  Consume more collagen!  If you don’t like gnawing on cow hooves then supplementation is your savior.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is extremely easy to ingest.  It is a fine powder that has almost no taste and completely dissolves when mixed with any liquid.  I add it to my coffee in the morning, my water in the afternoon, and my tea at night.  I take it everyday because the positive effects (inside and out) are noticeable not only to me, but to those around me.

My friends and family have complemented on how young and healthy I look for my age.  Their question: How do you do it?  My answer:  Collagen!


Why Baobab Fruit in Capsule Form Is A Bad Idea

Recently we have been seeing a trend of more and more companies making Baobab Fruit supplements in capsule form.  We believe this is a terrible idea.  Don’t get us wrong, we love the Baobab Fruit and think it is great that more companies are looking to provide this healthy fruit to consumers in the USA.  The problem we have is with delivering Baobab Fruit in capsule form.

Baobab Fruit Needs to Be Eating In Larger Amounts Than 500mg

You see the Baobab Supplements that come in capsule form have 500mg per capsule.  This amount might be fine if you were taking a concentrated extract, but eating just 1/2 a gram of Baobab Fruit is not going to do anything.

For example, Blueberries are very nutritious, but how much benefits would you get from eating 1 Blueberry!  Baobab powder should be taken in grams, not milligrams.  We recommend you take 6 -12 grams of Baobab Fruit powder per day.  If you get Baobab in powder form, this is just 2-4 scoops of powder a day.  Mix that Baobab Fruit powder into a smoothie and you can easily work Baobab into your diet.

To get the same amount of Baobab Fruit into your diet via capsules, you would need to take 12-24 capsules per day.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like the idea of swallowing 24 capsules a day.  In addition, the Baobab Fruit powder has a nice mango citrus flavor to it and I actually want to be able to taste it.

Look for Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

A much better bet is to look for Organic Baobab Fruit in powder form.  We like the Limitless Baobab powder because it is 100% USDA Certified Organic and contains no other ingredients.  In addition, they have a number of social good programs in place which I think is very important.

I just checked over at Amazon.Com and they do have the Limitless Baobab and it is available for Prime shipping.  This means if you are a Prime member you can get it shipped free with 2 day delivery.

Have another brand of Baobab Powder that you have used and loved?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  Thanks!


Just Learned About Rhodiola Rosea – Wow!

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that grows naturally in the Siberian Mountains. It is a small green plant with bright golden flowers. Throughout history, the root of this plant has been used for its medicinal properties. Rhodiola rosea is considered an adaptogen herb due to its ability to normalize anything within the body that isn’t functioning optimally. Adaptogen herbs also boost overall health and wellness while causing little to no side effects or drug interactions.

You Want Energy?  Try Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is especially prized due to its ability to increase energy and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Rhodiola works to calm the stress response system and decrease the amount of the stress hormone called cortisol. Stress, and its associated hormones, can be damaging to both physical and mental health. By calming the stress response system, rhodiola rosea promotes overall health and wellness.

As previously stated, not only does rhodiola decrease stress, it actually increases energy levels without making people feel anxious or jittery. Rhodiola rosea elevates energy naturally as the plant does not contain any caffeine of stimulants. Adaptogen herbs work to normalize the body, so if energy levels are low, rhodiola rosea can fix the problem naturally. For all these reasons, rhodiola rosea root is perfect for busy parents, students, athletes, or anyone looking for less stress and more energy.

Take a look at this video -

In order for rhodiola rosea supplements to be effective, they must contain pure rhodiola rosea root, as only the root offers medicinal benefits. The best rhodiola rosea will be wild harvested from the mountains of Siberia and sold in supplement form without any chemical or synthetic ingredients. A rhodiola rosea supplement should never contain fillers, flow agents, stimulants, artificial colors, flavors, or any synthetic nutrients. Please remember to only buy supplements from companies that you know and in trust in order to receive optimal health benefits and minimal side effects.

Desiccated Liver Supplements, The Way To Eat Liver, If You Don’t Like Liver

There are a number of reasons why everyone should try to consume liver on a daily basis. Liver is rich with important nutrients that are lacking in our modern diet. Liver is also an incredible natural energy booster, and it can even reverse conditions such as anemia. So why doesn’t everyone consume liver? Well, because it doesn’t taste very good. Luckily for everyone- a solution exists!

Fresh, raw, grass-fed, beef liver can be turned into a supplement that contains all of the nutrients found in fresh liver. Desiccated beef liver supplements are packed with naturally occurring iron, vitamin A, B vitamins, amino acids, and protein. They are perfect for boosting energy and improving overall health.

Desiccated liver supplements started off being popular with athletes and body builders because they build and repair lean muscle. Some body builders take up to 100 capsules of desiccated liver per day. Now, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of grass-fed beef liver in convenient and effective capsules.

Take a look at this very informative video about Desiccated Liver Supplements -

It is important to choose a desiccated liver supplement made with liver from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cows have the most nutrient dense livers. These cows should never come into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, or hormones. It is also important that you choose a desiccated liver supplement that is minimally processed without the use of high heat or chemicals. This will ensure that allow of the nutrients remain intact.

Desiccated liver supplements are the perfect way to help get your body the nutrients that it needs without having to taste actual liver. If you’ve ever had liver, you know why most people would prefer to simply take a capsule. Follow the guidelines outlined in this article to ensure that you find the best desiccated liver supplement for you and your family.

Desiccated Liver Tablets, Are They Safe?

Recently I was at a friend’s house and I saw her popping a few capsules.  As I am always curious when it comes to health and nutrition, I asked her what she was taking.  She told me it was Desiccated Liver.  Liver, in capsule form?  I knew I had to learn more…

Desiccated Liver Supplements Are Packed With Nutrients?

I always knew that liver was high in Vitamin A, but I had no idea how many other nutrients are packed into liver.  It turns out Liver is very high in protein, all the B Vitamins and a great source of Iron.

The problem is, for many of us, the taste of liver or any organ meat leaves a lot to be desired.  For this reason, we don’t get much liver in our diet.  This is where Desiccated Liver supplements come into play.  This Liver supplements deliver the nutrients of Liver, without the nasty taste!

Perfect Desiccated Liver – Because Brand Does Matter

Desiccated Liver

My friend was using Perfect Desiccated Liver, so I decided to do some research.  Turns out they only use  healthy grass-fed cows, in fact the cows eat only rapidly growing grass that sprouts from rich Argentinean soil. No pesticides, no chemicals, just pure Liver that is packed with nutrients.

In fact, if you look at the Perfect Desiccated Liver you see it is -

  • 70% Protein by Weight
  • 2.8mg of Naturally Occurring Iron per 3g Serving
  • 969 IU of Naturally Occurring Vitamin A per 3g Serving

Clearly the Perfect Desiccated Liver is a nutritious supplement that sure beats eating plate after plate of liver!  In fact, by taking just 4 capsules you are getting 3 grams of grass-fed beef liver.

I am sold.  I have just started taking Desiccated Liver and I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few weeks.  I believe I am low on B vitamins, so really excited to see what benefits I will get from working Desiccated Liver into my diet.

Of course, I will keep you updated as I progress on my experiment.



The Health Benefits of Baobab Discussed In New Video

The Baobab fruit is one of those fruits that has flown under the radar.  While everyone has been talking about Acai, Goji and Mangosteen as superfruits – the Baobab Fruit has gone largely unnoticed.  The irony is, it is the Baobab Fruit which probably has more super nutrients than any of the other so called superfruits.

New Videos Examine the Baobab Fruit

Things may finally be changing for the Baobab Fruit.  We did some searching on YouTuibe and we found a number of new videos that discuss the health benefits of the Baobab Fruit.  Here is a video that gives a good background about the Baobab Fruit.  If you are new to Baobab, start here -

Once you have a general idea about the Baobab Fruit and why people are so excited to try it, please watch this second Baobab video, it deals with the Health Benefits of the Baobab Fruit -

Is Now The Time To Start Eating Baobab Fruit?

In a word, yes!  Studies are now coming out saying that the Baobab Fruit can slow the conversion of starch into sugar.  This mean that by adding Baobab fruit to some bread you are baking, you may be able to lower the glycemic response of that bread.  The potential health benefits of this would be nothing short of amazing.

 Are There Side Effects From Baobab Fruit?

As the Baobab Fruit is just a fruit, it is hard to see how there would be side effects from eating Baobab fruit pulp.  Still, we recommend you check with your Doctor if you have any questions at all.

Stay tuned, more Baobab research will be published shortly.  You can also visit this site, they have a ton of information on the Baobab Fruit.


Protein Shakes For Kids – A Sneaky Way To Get Children To Eat More Protein

If it wasn’t for peanut butter, my kids might get no protein in their diet.  They are just not into meat, chicken, eggs – all foods that are high in protein.  Recently I decide to search Google to see if there was an easy way to get picky and fussy kids to eat more protein.

Protein Shakes for Kids?  Why Didn’t I think of This?

Kids of course love shakes.  Normally shakes are loaded with fruit, so they are high in sugar but not a good source of protein.  However, after doing some searching, I did find there are a number of Protein Shakes for Kids recipes.

One of the best places to look is YouTube.  On YouTube you can find tons of videos, some made by children, explaining how to make a protein shake that kids would love.  Take a look at this video -

How cute is that – kids making a protein shake and then licking their fingers.  That is a great indicator that the kids really like the taste of this protein shake.

Where Can You Find More Protein Shake Recipes?

We have been searching online and found a number of good resources for protein shake recipes.  Here is one of our favorites, it really gives a lot of information on each protein shake and easy to follow instructions.

I need to go and try the Pina Colada Green Smoothie – sounds great!


Homemade Protein Shakes That Actually Taste Good?

I know protein is good for me, but why does every protein powder that I try taste like sand?  The protein powder is so gritty, it is hard for me to get down.  To help with this problem, I decided to see if there were any homemade protein shake recipes that could actually mask the taste of the protein powder and give me a shake that I wanted to drink.

Pina Colada Green Smoothie To The Rescue

After some searching on YouTube I found this incredible video -

Give it a view, it is only about 3 minutes – go ahead, we will wait….

Pretty cool, huh?  I need to get some Perfect Plant Protein to try this out, but I love the addition of coconut oil, that has been a favorite of mine for years.  The Perfect Plant Protein sounds cool – a vegetarian protein that does NOT use soy protein?  Where do I sign up!

Of course, the big question is, how will it taste.  Like I said, I need to pick up the ingredients so I can give them homemade protein shake a try, but I did a little poking around online and from what I have read – people love this homemade protein shake.

Do you know any other good recipes for a healthy, nutritious and TASTY protein shake?  If you do, please share it in the comments below.  Thanks.

Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, Is This The Next Big Superfruit?

For years Acai has been the king of the superfruits.  The tiny Acai berry is packed with antioxidants and nutrients and supposedly has numerous health benefits.  Over the past few years, numerous fruits have tried to knock Acai off its top spot – but none could do it.  Now I am starting to hear more and more about Organic Baobab Fruit and how it is THE superfruit for 2013.  Of course, I had to do some research.

Baobab, The New Superfruit From the 1,000 Year Old Tree

The Baobab (“bey-oh-bab”) fruit may be getting some recent coverage in the news, but it is not a new fruit.  The Baobab tree or the “tree of life” as it is called, have grown in Africa for thousands of years.  In fact, many of the Baobab (or Monkey Bread trees) that grow the Baobab fruit are 500-1,000 years old.

Baobab Fruit, The Fruit With a Powder Inside

When you cut open a Baobab fruit it has pulp and seed, but what is interesting is that the pulp is dry (somewhat like coconut).  This means the process to make Organic Baobab fruit powder is very easy – just separate out the seeds and crush up the pulp and you have Organic Baobab Powder.

What are The Health Benefits of Baobab Powder?

Here is where things get interesting.  Check out the nutrients on organic baobab powder -

  • More antioxidants than Acai
  • More calcium than milk
  • More Potassium and Magnesium than bananas
  • 50% heart healthy fiber
  • 6 x the Vitamin C found in Oranges

As you can see, Baobab fruit powder really is packed with nutrients and here is the crazy thing – gram for gram it blows even Acai out of the water!

We are definitely going to try some Organic baobab fruit powder and also keep up on the research.  The best site we have found for Baobab fruit research is

I’ll let you know some Baobab fruit recipes soon!