Collagen – My Most Effective Daily Supplement

Healthy Skin

Time to dive into the old question and answer bag today.  I get a ton of emails with readers asking about what supplements I take on a daily basis.  This is a really hard one to answer, as it really depends on how I am feeling and what I feel my body needs at that given moment.

The One Constant to My Routine – Collagen

Do you know what the second most abundant substance in your body is? Hint: It is responsible for basically holding your entire body together.  Hint:  It helps muscles grow, bones stay strong, and joints stay flexible.  Hint:  It is a protein found in the skin and bones of all animals.  Answer:  Collagen! 

Yep, Collagen is the one thing that I take every single day.  I try to get plenty of protein in my diet, but it is not always easy.  By taking a collagen supplement, I can be sure to get enough collagen each and every day.

Collagen levels start to decline after age 25 and your body knows it.  You start to notice stiffness and pain in your joints.  Your skin is a little looser, your hair is a little more brittle, and the bounce in your step is a little more of a shuffle.  So how do you prolong this unfortunate side effect of life?  Answer:  Consume more collagen!  If you don’t like gnawing on cow hooves then supplementation is your savior.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is extremely easy to ingest.  It is a fine powder that has almost no taste and completely dissolves when mixed with any liquid.  I add it to my coffee in the morning, my water in the afternoon, and my tea at night.  I take it everyday because the positive effects (inside and out) are noticeable not only to me, but to those around me.

My friends and family have complemented on how young and healthy I look for my age.  Their question: How do you do it?  My answer:  Collagen!