The Health Benefits of Baobab Discussed In New Video

The Baobab fruit is one of those fruits that has flown under the radar.  While everyone has been talking about Acai, Goji and Mangosteen as superfruits – the Baobab Fruit has gone largely unnoticed.  The irony is, it is the Baobab Fruit which probably has more super nutrients than any of the other so called superfruits.

New Videos Examine the Baobab Fruit

Things may finally be changing for the Baobab Fruit.  We did some searching on YouTuibe and we found a number of new videos that discuss the health benefits of the Baobab Fruit.  Here is a video that gives a good background about the Baobab Fruit.  If you are new to Baobab, start here -

Once you have a general idea about the Baobab Fruit and why people are so excited to try it, please watch this second Baobab video, it deals with the Health Benefits of the Baobab Fruit -

Is Now The Time To Start Eating Baobab Fruit?

In a word, yes!  Studies are now coming out saying that the Baobab Fruit can slow the conversion of starch into sugar.  This mean that by adding Baobab fruit to some bread you are baking, you may be able to lower the glycemic response of that bread.  The potential health benefits of this would be nothing short of amazing.

 Are There Side Effects From Baobab Fruit?

As the Baobab Fruit is just a fruit, it is hard to see how there would be side effects from eating Baobab fruit pulp.  Still, we recommend you check with your Doctor if you have any questions at all.

Stay tuned, more Baobab research will be published shortly.  You can also visit this site, they have a ton of information on the Baobab Fruit.