The Best Protein Powder Comes From Rice, Hemp and Mushrooms?

Regular readers of the site know that we are big believers in protein.  If you want to stay healthy, you really need to have a decent source of protein in your body.  As you can only eat only so many eggs, meat and chicken – many people will turn to protein powders to supplement their intake of protein.

The Best Protein Powder is Not Made From Whey Or Soy Protein

Once most people think of protein powders or protein supplements, they immediately think of whey protein.  People with lactose issues or vegetarians might think of soy protein.  Interestingly, it turns out that the best protein powder is not made with whey or soy – rather it is made with Hemp Protein, Rice Protein and Mushrooms.

Perfect Plant Protein is, Well, Perfect

We recently discovered the Perfect Plant Protein product and we are impressed.  This is a raw, vegetarian formula that contains no whey or soy protein.  Instead, the protein powder is made from Hemp Protein, Rice Protein and Mushrooms.  But, we have saved the most exciting news for last…The Perfect Plant Protein is 100% Organic.

Finally, A 100% Organic Plant Protein Powder

I have been looking for this for years – a vegetarian and 100% Organic protein powder that does not contain soy.  I think there are too many risks with soy, so I try to minimize it in my diet.  I highly recommend the Perfect Plant Protein – in addition to being super healthy, it also tastes great!


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