Toy Reviews for 2013, A Look Forward At What is To Come

Well, Christmas 2012 just passed, but already the kids are talking about new toys that they want.  This is crazy, don’t us parents get a break?  Well, I had some time after the holidays, so I went to my friend Google to find a few good sites that do toy reviews and toy previews.

The Best Sites for Honest Toy Reviews

There is no shortage of sites that do toy reviews, but after spending some time on the big review sites, I was less than impressed.  Most of the reviews were written by people who had never played with the toys.  That is flat out crazy in my book.

Luckily, I did find a few winners when it comes to honest toy reviews.  My favorite is DadDoes.Com – their coverage of toy reviews is the best I have found.  The reviews are honest and very informative.  They play with every single toy that they review.

The Best Video Toy Reviews…

If you are more into watching toy reviews than reading toy reviews, you absolutely need to check out this YouTube Toy Reviews Channel.  Excellent look at all the top toys of 2012 and 2013.  To give you a quick taste, here is one of their toy review videos -

Enjoy Playing!



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