Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina is a complete super food which is what makes it so beneficial to the human body.  The health benefits of Spirulina come from a combination of all the nutrients found in Spirulina. The key nutrient found in Spirulina that adds the greatest health benefits is a nutrient called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is essentially plant blood. Although the chemical make-up of plant blood is slightly different from human blood, it is very similar at the same time. Due to this similar chemical structure, Chlorophyll is beneficial to humans. Chlorophyll can help grow and repair tissue, boost the immune system, act as a powerful antioxidant, and help maintain healthy blood function.

Phytonutrients are the nutrients found in plants.  The phytonutrients in Spirulina are what give Spirulina its blue green color. The phytonutrients are also responsible for Spirulina’s strong antioxidant and immune boosting benefits.

Spirulina has many other help benefits. Adding Spirulina to your diet may improve digestion, reduce fatigue, build endurance, boost energy levels, and help control appetite. Spirulina is also known as nature’s detoxifier- great for cleansing the body. Spirulina helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular function, supports the liver and kidneys, and reduces inflammation. Spirulina even benefits those who suffer from allergies.

Here is an excellent video on Organic Spirulina -

Because of Spirulina’s vast nutritional profile, Spirulina offers a wide array of health benefits. Try adding Spirulina to your diet to see what Spirulina can do for you.

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