New Review of Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster, 5/30/2012

I love shooting toys.  I am not sure why, but there is something that just feels right about pulling the trigger and watching a foam dart fly out of my gun.  Well, recently I started to look at what was out there beyond Nerf and the other dart guns.  It turns out there is a whole world of gel ball based blasters.  The gel ball blasters are very different than Nerf Darts because they are one time use and outdoors only.  I read about the Vapor line from Razor and here is what I have found so far…

Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster is Fun

I found lots of sites talking about the demo of the Razor Vapor Delta 500 Blaster at Toy Fair 2012, but only one site has done an actual hands-on review of the Razor Vapor Delta 500.  DadDoes.Com – a site that does product reviews, got their hands on the Delta 500 and created a great video review -

I have to say the Vapor Delta 500 looks like a ton of fun and I will need to get one and try it out.  Don’t love how the ammo cost $5.99 for 500, but I guess 500 bullets should last a while.  I will report back once I have had a few was with the Vapor Delta 500.

Fun and Playful Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide

Where did this tradition of giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day start?  Well, I am not sure how it started, but I do know it should end – RIGHT NOW!  Ties are boring.  I am a Dad and if I want a tie I will buy one for myself.  On Father’s Day I want something special and different – maybe something fun and impractical.

How to Get Dad The Best Father’s Day Gift

I spent a few hours looking for Father’s Day Gift Guides and for the most part I was not impressed.  All of the gifts are so boring and traditional.  I think Dads want to play and be impractical on Father’s Day.

Luckily I did some more searching and found the Dad Does Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.  Now this is a Father’s Day Gift Guide!  The gifts are all fun and even wacky.   Take a look at this video for the Man Crate that they recommend -

The gift guide is filled with fun and different gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day.  Spend some time reading over the Father’s Day gift guide, you will be very impressed.  And yes, I checked – it is tie free!


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