Finally a Blog With Honest Product Reviews

For the better part of 2 weeks  I have been trying to find a blog or site that offers honest product reviews.  Finally, I think I have found the site – DadDoes.Com .  The site is filled with real world product reviews, and  I have to say it looks pretty good.

What Are Honest Product Reviews?

Most of the product review sites don’t do full product reviews.  Many of the sites just read a press release and never actually play with the product that they are reviewing.  What I loved about DadDoes.Com is that they actually try out every single product that they review.  In addition, they have video reviews for just about every product I could think of.  My advice is to favorite Dad Does and check it out the next time you are in the market for a new product.

I should add, the blog also has parenting related articles, in fact that is the spin of the whole site – everything from a parent’s point of view.


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Can Anyone Explain What Dr Oz Really Said About African Mango?

The other week, a friend mentioned that I had to try African Mango, since Dr Oz mentioned it on his show.  When I asked what exactly Dr Oz said about African Mango, my friend said it was some type of miracle weight loss supplement!

First, There Are No Miracle Weight Loss Supplements

I know my friend means well, but one of these days she will learn that there are no miracle weight loss supplements.  If you want to lose weight, you need to watch what you eat and exercise.  Period.  End of story!

Still, I was interested in what African Mango was all about so I did some research.  It turns out Dr Oz did a show on solutions to problems for women over 40.  On the show, he said that African Mango seed extract has been shown to help women lose that extra 10 pounds.  The key word here is help!

After doing a little more digging, I found the type of African Mango used in the clinical studies – it is called IGOB131.  I found a supplement called Perfect African Mango that contains only IGOB 131, at 150 mg per dose, just like in the study.  I will give it a try and let you know how it works.  I don’t expect miracles, but any little edge could help!


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What are the Side Effects of African Mango?

There has been a ton of interest in African Mango ever since Dr Oz raved about it on his show.  African Mango is an ingredient that may help people lose weight.  Dr. Oz talked about how African Mango can be a miracle in your medicine cabinet when you are looking to lose 10 pounds.

Here is a video that shows exactly what Dr Oz said about African Mango -

Does African Mango Have Side Effects?

With all the interest in African Mango, people have started to question if this supplement is too good to be true.  Are there serious side effects when using African Mango.  The good news is, there have not been reports of serious side effects from using pure African Mango.  The bad news is, not all African Mango supplements are pure.

African Mango Supplements that have other ingredients and fillers may well have side effects.  The best way to avoid side effects from African Mango is to stick with a 100% Pure African Mango (IGOB131) supplement.

You can do your own research, but we found the Perfect African Mango was the purest African Mango supplement on the market.


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Organic Spirulina in The News Again

Organic Spirulina does not have the same media buzz that some other hot nutritional ingredients tend to get.  Things like Raspberry Ketone, African Mango and Green Tea get plenty of coverage on show like Dr Oz – as they all claim to help with weight loss.  Organic Spirulina is not as “sexy” as those other ingredients, since it does not help with weight loss, but still is one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet!

Spirulina is The Complete Micro Algae

Spirulina is a micro algae, and it is hard to believe that something that looks like pond scum could be so healthy!  Spirulina is packed with nutrients – grams for gram, Spirulina has more nutrients than any other food.

Make Sure You Get Organic Spirulina

There are many different Spirulina supplements on the market.  The most important thing to look at when comparing spirulina supplements is the purity.  You want a Spirulina Supplement that is 100% Organic – this is to make sure there are no toxins in your Spirulina.  The Perfect Aquatic Greens is an excellent 100% Organic Spirulina supplement.


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